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The sport of baseball in our county, and around the nation, is something that is always passed down.  The secrets, tips, hints, and insights, are passed from a father to son, grandfather to grandson, or from any patriarch of the community.  For some individuals baseball is in their blood.  It is as if the ballpark courses through their veins.  Because of these familial ties that we have seen the idea and development of Little League thrive and the importance of baseball in shaping today's youth.  I decided to compile a list of major leaguers who delve in to second and third-generation ball players.

Herm Doscher, and his son Jack Doscher, first appeared in 1903.

Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr., they played at the same time and also became teammates on the Seattle Mariners in 1990.

Tim Raines, and Tim Raines Jr., were teammates on the Baltimore Orioles in 2001.

Cecil Fielder and his son Prince, both hit 50 home runs in a season during their careers.

Bobby Adams, Infielder --- Mike Adams, Outfielder
Sandy Alomar, Sr., Second baseman --- Roberto Alomar, Second baseman, Sandy Alomar, Jr., Catcher
Felipe Alou, Outfielder --- Moisés Alou, Outfielder
Rubén Amaro, Sr., Infielder --- Rubén Amaro, Jr., Outfielder
Tony Armas, Outfielder --- Tony Armas, Jr., Pitcher
Earl Averill, Outfielder --- Earl Averill, Jr., Catcher
Mike Bacsik, Pitcher --- Mike Bacsik, Pitcher
Jim Bagby, Sr., Pitcher --- Jim Bagby, Jr., Pitcher
Floyd Bannister, Pitcher --- Brian Bannister, Pitcher
Jesse Barfield, Outfielder --- Josh Barfield, Second baseman
Clyde Barnhart, Outfielder --- Vic Barnhart, Infielder
Charlie Beamon, Pitcher --- Charlie Beamon, Jr., First baseman/Designated hitter
Dave Bennett, Pitcher --- Erik Bennett, Pitcher
Yogi Berra, Catcher/Manager --- Dale Berra, Infielder
Charlie Berry, Second baseman --- Charlie Berry, Catcher/Umpire
Joe Berry, Catcher  --- Joe Berry, Infielder
Bobby Bonds, Outfielder --- Barry Bonds, Outfielder
Pedro Borbón, Pitcher --- Pedro Borbón, Jr., Pitcher
Chris Bourjos, Outfielder --- Peter Bourjos, Outfielder
Mickey Brantley, Outfielder, Michael Brantley, Outfielder
Fred Brickell, Outfielder --- Fritz Brickell, Infielder
Earle Brucker, Sr., Catcher --- Earle Brucker, Jr., Catcher
Mike Brumley, Catcher --- Mike Brumley, Infielder/Outfielder
Don Buford, Outfielder --- Damon Buford, Outfielder
Jeff Burroughs, Outfielder --- Sean Burroughs, Third baseman
Sal Butera, Catcher --- Drew Butera, Catcher
Dolph Camilli, First baseman --- Doug Camilli, Catcher
Al Campanis, Second baseman --- Jim Campanis, Catcher
José Canó, Pitcher --- Robinson Canó, Second baseman
Cam Carreon, Catcher --- Mark Carreon, Outfielder
Eddie Collins, Second baseman --- Eddie Collins, Jr., Outfielder
Ed Connolly, Catcher --- Ed Connolly, Pitcher
Jimmy Cooney, Shortstop --- Jimmy Cooney, Shortstop AND Johnny Cooney     Pitcher/Outfielder
Mardie Cornejo, Pitcher --- Nate Cornejo, Pitcher
Red Corriden, Shortstop --- John Corriden, Infielder
Ed Crosby, Infielder --- Bobby Crosby, Shortstop
Bill Crouch, Pitcher --- Bill Crouch, Pitcher
José Cruz, Outfielder --- José Cruz, Jr., Outfielder
Mike Darr, Pitcher --- Mike Darr, Outfielder
Jerry DaVanon, Infielder --- Jeff DaVanon, Outfielder
Ron Davis, Pitcher --- Ike Davis, First baseman
Iván DeJesús, Shortstop ---Iván DeJesús, Jr., Second Baseman
Steve Dillard, Infielder --- Tim Dillard, Pitcher
Doug Drabek, Pitcher --- Kyle Drabek, Pitcher
Dave Duncan , Catcher --- Chris Duncan, Outfielder AND Shelley Duncan, First baseman/Outfielder
Dick Ellsworth, Pitcher --- Steve Ellsworth, Pitcher
Jim Eschen, Outfielder --- Larry Eschen, Shortstop
Bill Fahey, Catcher --- Brandon Fahey, Infielder
Tom Fletcher, Pitcher --- Darrin Fletcher, Catcher
Tito Francona. Outfielder/First baseman --- Terry Francona, First baseman
Len Gabrielson, First baseman --- Len Gabrielson, Outfielder
Charlie Ganzel, Catcher --- Babe Ganzel, Outfielder
Larry Gilbert, Outfielder --- Charlie Gilbert, Outfielder AND Tookie Gilbert, First baseman
Tom Gordon, Pitcher --- Dee Gordon, Shortstop
Peaches Graham, Catcher --- Jack Graham, First baseman/Outfielder
Fred Green, Pitcher --- Gary Green, Shortstop
Tom Grieve, Outfielder --- Ben Grieve, Outfielder
Steve Grilli, Pitcher --- Jason Grilli, Pitcher
Ray Grimes, First baseman --- Oscar Grimes, Infielder
Ross Grimsley, Pitcher --- Ross Grimsley, Pitcher
Tony Gwynn, Outfielder --- Tony Gwynn, Jr., Outfielder
Larry Haney, Catcher --- Chris Haney, Pitcher
Jim Hegan, Catcher --- Mike Hegan, First baseman
Ken Heintzelman, Pitcher --- Tom Heintzelman, Second baseman
Clarence Heise, Pitcher --- Jim Heise, Pitcher
Wally Hood, Outfielder --- Wally Hood, Pitcher
Bruce Howard , Pitcher --- David Howard, Shortstop
Tim Hulett, Infielder --- Tug Hulett, Infielder
Randy Hundley, Catcher --- Todd Hundley, Catcher
Pat Jacquez, Pitcher --- Tom Jacquez, Pitcher
Julián Javier, Second baseman --- Stan Javier, Outfielder
Johnny Jeter, Outfielder --- Shawn Jeter, Outfielder
Dave Johnson, Pitcher --- Steve Johnson, Pitcher
Ernie Johnson, Shortstop --- Don Johnson, Second baseman
Rankin Johnson, Sr., Pitcher --- Rankin Johnson, Jr., Pitcher
Fred Kendall, Catcher --- Jason Kendall, Catcher
Bob Kennedy, Third baseman/Outfielder --- Terry Kennedy, Catcher
Marty Keough, Outfielder --- Matt Keough, Pitcher
Don Kessinger, Shortstop --- Keith Kessinger, Shortstop
Lew Krausse, Sr., Pitcher --- Lew Krausse, Jr., Pitcher
Bill Kunkel, Pitcher --- Jeff Kunkel, Shortstop
Joe Landrum, Pitcher --- Bill Landrum, Pitcher
Max Lanier, Pitcher --- Hal Lanier Infielder/Manager
Dave LaRoche, Pitcher --- Adam LaRoche, First baseman AND Andy LaRoche, Third baseman
Vernon Law, Pitcher --- Vance Law, Infielder
Bill Laxton, Pitcher --- Brett Laxton, Pitcher
Thornton Lee, Pitcher --- Don Lee, Pitcher
Glenn Liebhardt, Sr., Pitcher --- Glenn Liebhardt, Jr., Pitcher
Freddie Lindstrom, Third baseman/Outfielder --- Chuck Lindstrom, Catcher
Jack Lively, Pitcher --- Buddy Lively, Pitcher
Steve Lombardozzi, Second baseman --- Steve Lombardozzi, Jr., Second baseman
Connie Mack, Catcher/Manager --- Earle Mack, Catcher/Manager
Willard Mains, Pitcher --- Jim Mains, Pitcher
Charlie Malay, Second baseman --- Joe Malay, First baseman
Barney Martin, Pitcher --- Jerry Martin, Outfielder
Clyde Mashore, Outfielder --- Damon Mashore, Outfielder
Nelson Mathews, Outfielder --- T. J. Mathews, Pitcher
Gary Matthews, Outfielder --- Gary Matthews, Jr., Outfielder
Wally Mattick, Outfielder --- Bobby Mattick, Shortstop
Dave May, Outfielder --- Derrick May, Outfielder
Pinky May, Third baseman --- Milt May, Catcher
John Mayberry, First baseman --- John Mayberry, Jr., Outfielder
Jim McAndrew, Pitcher --- Jamie McAndrew, Pitcher
Dave McKay, Second baseman/Third baseman --- Cody McKay, Catcher
Jim McKnight, Infielder --- Jeff McKnight, Infielder/Outfielder
Hal McRae, Designated hitter --- Brian McRae, Outfielder
Frank Meinke, Infielder/Pitcher --- Bob Meinke, Shortstop
Willie Mills,Pitcher --- Art Mills, Pitcher
René Monteagudo, Pitcher --- Aurelio Monteagudo, Pitcher
Gene Moore, Pitcher --- Gene Moore, Outfielder
Guy Morton, Pitcher --- Guy Morton, Jr., Pinch hitter
Manny Mota, Outfielder --- Andy Mota AND José Mota, both Second basemen
Walter Mueller, Outfielder --- Don Mueller, Outfielder
Bill Narleski, Infielder --- Ray Narleski, Pitcher
Julio Navarro, Pitcher --- Jaime Navarro, Pitcher
Dick Nen, First baseman --- Robb Nen, Pitcher
Chet Nichols, Sr., Pitcher --- Chet Nichols, Jr., Pitcher
Joe Niekro, Pitcher --- Lance Niekro, First baseman
Ron Northey, LOCAL SON/Outfielder --- Scott Northey, Outfielder
John O'Donoghue, Pitcher --- John O'Donoghue, Pitcher
Frank Okrie, Pitcher --- Len Okrie, Catcher
Ed Olivares, Outfielder --- Omar Olivares, Pitcher
Bob Oliver, First baseman/Outfielder --- Darren Oliver, Pitcher
Diomedes Olivo, Pitcher --- Gilberto Rondón, Pitcher
Jim O'Rourke, Outfielder --- Queenie O'Rourke, Infielder/Outfielder
Tiny Osborne, Pitcher --- Bobo Osborne, First baseman
Steve Partenheimer, Third baseman --- Stan Partenheimer, Pitcher
Tony Peña, Catcher --- Tony Peña Jr., Shortstop
Tony Pérez, Infielder --- Eduardo Pérez, Infielder
Herman Pillette, Pitcher --- Duane Pillette, Pitcher
Mel Queen, Pitcher --- Mel Queen, Pitcher
Fred Rath, Sr., Pitcher --- Fred Rath, Jr., Pitcher
Walt Ripley, Pitcher --- Allen Ripley, Pitcher
Cal Ripken, Sr., Manager --- Billy Ripken, Second baseman AND Cal Ripken, Jr., Shortstop/Third baseman
Gary Roenicke, Outfielder --- Josh Roenicke, Pitcher
Kevin Romine, Outfielder --- Andrew Romine, Infielder AND Austin Romine, Catcher
Pete Rose, nfielder/Outfielder --- Pete Rose, Jr., Infielder
Jeff Russell, Pitcher --- James Russell, Pitcher
Mark Ryal, Outfielder --- Rusty Ryal, Infielder
Ducky Schofield, Infielder --- Dick Schofield, Shortstop
Joe Schultz, Sr., Outfielder --- Joe Schultz, Catcher
Diego Segui, Pitcher --- David Segui, First baseman
Jeff Sellers, Pitcher --- Justin Sellers, Infielder
Earl Sheely, First baseman --- Bud Sheely, Catcher
Dick Siebert, First baseman --- Paul Siebert, Pitcher
George Sisler, First baseman --- Dave Sisler, Pitcher AND Dick Sisler, First baseman
Bob Skinner, Outfielder --- Joel Skinner, Catcher
Roy Smalley, Shortstop --- Roy Smalley, Shortstop
Chris Speier, Shortstop --- Justin Speier, Pitcher
Ed Spiezio, Third baseman --- Scott Spiezio, Infielder
Ed Sprague, Sr., Pitcher --- Ed Sprague, Jr., Third baseman
Ebba St. Claire, Catcher --- Randy St. Claire, Pitcher
Dave Stenhouse, Pitcher --- Mike Stenhouse, Outfielder
Joe Stephenson, Catcher --- Jerry Stephenson, Pitcher
Ron Stillwell, Infielder --- Kurt Stillwell, Infielder
Mel Stottlemyre, Pitcher --- Mel Stottlemyre, Jr. and Todd Stottlemyre, Pitchers    
Billy Sullivan. Catcher --- Billy Sullivan, Jr., Catcher
Haywood Sullivan, Catch --- Marc Sullivan, Catcher
George Susce, Catcher --- George Susce, Pitcher
Steve Swisher, Catcher --- Nick Swisher, First baseman/Outfielder
Chuck Tanner, Outfielder --- Bruce Tanner, Pitcher
José Tartabull, Outfielder --- Danny Tartabull, Outfielder
Pablo Torrealba, Pitcher --- Steve Torrealba, Catcher
Ricardo Torres, Catcher/First baseman --- Gil Torres,Infielder
Mike Tresh, Catcher --- Tom Tresh, Outfielder
Hal Trosky, First baseman --- Hal Trosky, Jr., Pitcher
Dizzy Trout, Pitcher --- Steve Trout, Pitcher
Al Unser, Catcher --- Del Unser, Outfielder
Andy Van Slyke, Outfielder --- Scott Van Slyke, Outfielder
Max Venable, Outfielder --- Will Venable, Outfielder
Ozzie Virgil, Sr., Infielder/Outfielder --- Ozzie Virgil, Jr., Catcher
Howard Wakefield, Catcher --- Dick Wakefield, Outfielder
Dixie Walker, Pitcher --- Dixie Walker and Harry Walker, Outfielders
Tom Walker, Pitcher --- Neil Walker, Second baseman
Ed Walsh, Pitcher --- Ed Walsh, Jr., Pitcher
Gary Ward, Outfielder --- Daryle Ward, Outfielder
John Wathan, Catcher --- Dusty Wathan, Catcher
Hank Webb, Pitcher --- Ryan Webb, Pitcher
Jo-Jo White, Outfielder --- Mike White, Outfielder
Maury Wills, Shortstop --- Bump Wills, Second baseman
Bobby Wine, Shortstop --- Robbie Wine, Catcher
Joe Wood, Pitcher --- Joe Wood, Pitcher
Clyde Wright, Pitcher --- Jaret Wright, Pitcher
Del Young, Outfielder --- Del Young, Infielder
Eric Young, Second baseman --- Eric Young, Jr., Centerfielder

Some third-generation families: grandfather, father, and son(s)

Gus Bell --- Buddy Bell --- David and Mike
Ray Boone --- Bob Boone --- Aaron and Bret
Joe Coleman --- Joe Coleman Jr. --- Casey
Sammy Hairston --- Jerry Hairston --- Jerry Jr. and Scott

There are also other familial ties within baseball:
Ducky Schofield is the grandfather of Jayson Werth.  Werth is also the nephew of Dick Schofield, and the stepson of Dennis Werth.

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1882-1883 Pottsville Anthracites.  One of the county's earliest professional baseball teams was the Anthracites.  Organized in 1881.

Top Row, Left to Right: Chicotte or Alcott 3B, Kelly CF, Annis RF
Middle Row: Barney McLaughlin P, Snapper Lang 2B, Jim Knowles SS, Mascot 1B.
Bottom Row: Dad Reynolds P, Jack Grady C, Jack Milligan C, Iron Arm Miller P, 2B.

The names of Barney McLaughlin, Snapper Lang and Jack Milligan were watch words in Schuylkill County baseball, their deeds having been handed down from generation to generation.

The Famous Old 1894 State League Champions "The Pottsville Colts"

Top Row, Left to Right: Charlie Nyce SS, Tom Golden OF, Kid Diggins C, Mox Hill OF.
Middle Row: Jack Tighe 2B, Ben Elis 3B, Phenomenal Smith, Manager, Willie Claire P, Andy Fuller 1B.
Bottom Row: Speedy Wilson P, Red Hughes P, Paddy Fox P.
Doc Potts, regular left fielder, was absent when the picture was taken.

The Pottsville Y.M.C.A.  1890 Team.  The team that lead up to the famous 1894 Colts.

Top Row, Left to Right: Tot Shumway, John Reber, Charlie Smith, William Wolfe, Charles Focht, Paul Sheafer.
Middle Row: Hal Womelsdorf, Billy Pugh, John P. Ryon, Billy Burkhart, Billy Williams.
Bottom Row: Mox Hill, Harry Dewald.

The team was organized from members of the Y.M.C.A.  The team was gradually built up until it became one of the best amateur teams in Pennsylvania.

Great games were played a Dolan's Park and attendance grew from a handful at the start, to great numbers at the end.  The Philadelphia Nationals were brought here for an exhibition game near the close of the season.
Together with the Ivy Leaf, and other excellent local ball clubs, baseball's interest was worked up to a high pitch, with the results that both clubs amalgamated in 1892 under the name, of Y.M.C.A.  In 1893, the team had become professional in class though not in fact.

It was this club which led directly to the great Pottsville team of 1894, Mox Hill and Paddy Fox graduating directly from the combined Y.M.C.A. and Ivy Leaf aggregation to the State League Championship outfit.

The Tuscaroras
Top Row, Left to Right: Paul Sheafer, Lee Russel, Baird Snyder.
Middle Row: Joy Reilly, Horace Bartholomew, John Carpenter, J.P. Ryon.
Bottom Row: Walter Whiting, Claranec Walker.

The Tuscaroras were a ball club of the 1880's who played in and around Pottsville.  At the beggininig of the two seasons they provided practice for the famous Anthracites, in the days of Barney McLaughlin, Snapper Lang and Jack Milligan.

Of seven of these boys who went to college, six made the varsity team.
Some of the Tuscaroras remained interested in baseball for many years, aiding to build up the Y.M.C.A. teams which led directly to the 1894 champions.

Paul Sheafer and John P. Ryon were well known residents of Pottsville.  Dr. John Carpenter was a famous doctor/specialist who lived in Philadelphia.  Dr. James Carpenter, who held the distinction of pitching the first curve ball in Pottsville, was an older brother and played for the Anthracites.

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Back in October of 1920, The Yankee baseball club played exhibition games after the regular season.  At Connor’s Field in Cressona, a game was played by the famous Yankees against a local nine from Cressona. The Sultan of Swing, Babe Ruth was supposed to play, but bad weather delayed the game and the Babe had to leave.  But other than that it was an exciting moment in Schuylkill County Baseball, when the Yankees came to Cressona.

The Headline of the Miners' Journal for September 29, 1920 read:


According to the article the New York Yankees and "Babe Ruth" will play at Connors Field Thursday.  Full line up and the home run king will positively be here  Thursday afternoon at 4:15 p.m. and will be the only exhibition game Ruth has taken part in after the close of the season.  He will receive $1,000 besides his share of the big guarantee.

George Herman "Babe" Ruth

The Yankees will play the Cressona club, the treasure of the Cressona club, Gordon Nagle was in Philadelphia in Babe Ruth’s company for two hours at the conclusion of which time, the home run king would not consent to come.  Not disheartened, the Cressona promoter enlisted the services of Jack Quinn, the friendship between the pitcher and slugger, being the biggest factor in changing his determination.

The Yankees will also take a tour through a coal mine which is likely to be the Pine Knot Colliery.  This will be a novel experience for the most of the players and one of the factors that made them come here.

The admission price for the game will be $1.00 plus 10 cents for the grandstand.  Reserved seats are on sale at Hause’s cigar store, in Pottsville.

The full New York Yankees outfit will be here and their lineup and batting order is as follows: Ward 3B; Pipp 1B; Ruth CF; Pratt, 2B; Muesel, RF; Lewis, LF; Peckinpaugh SS; Hannah or Ruel C; Quinn, Shawkey, Mogridge, Thormahlen and Collins as pitchers.


September 30, 1920

The New York Yankees, who arrived on the 11:02 Pennsylvania and Reading train this morning, were greeted by a downpour of rain, on their way to the Hotel Allen, where they will make their quarters.
Four players missed connections, but will arrive later in the day.  Babe Ruth, Ward, Lewis and Hannah were among the missing.  Jack Quinn (Picus) arrived in charge of the party.
The first question asked was whether they would consent to remain over till Friday to play the game off, and all resent consented, although it was their opinion Babe Ruth, who had not arrived yet would not be able to remain over. When the home run king arrives every effort will be made to induce him to remain over and $1000 extra will be offered.
Babe Ruth left by automobile last evening, but owing to numerous detours on the road between here and Philadelphia was delayed.  He is expected to arrive sometime this afternoon by way of Lebanon and Pine Grove. Catcher Truck Hannah was with Ruth.
Ward and Lewis missed connections but will arrive this afternoon.
The players seemed to have no objection to remaining over until Friday if the weather conditions permit. The game will be played as originally advertised Friday at 4:00 p.m. except that Bane Ruth may not be in the line up, because of hav9ing to be in New Haven tomorrow, to begin work on a $10,000 a week movie contract.
The players were met at the station by officers of the Knights of Columbus, who will see to it that they are royally entertained.


On Friday October 1, 1920 the Journal’s Headline ran;



Babe Ruth was slightly injured today when his automobile collided with a truck.

Babe Ruth’s injuries consisted of a few slight cuts.  A man who was riding with him was also slightly injured.
Babe Ruth left Pottsville at 2:30 p.m. Thursday in a racing car without extra tires saying he intended to make the entire trip to New Haven by automobile, being due there Friday, to keep a moving picture contract.

THE GAME : October 2, 1920

Babe Ruth wasn’t with the Yankees yesterday, but they hammered out 5 home runs just the same.  The score was 10-5, with Cressona on the short end, as was to be expected.  The local boys played fine ball in the field but were outclassed at bat by the husky leaguers.  A large crowd attended the grandstand being filled an hour before the game.


Bob Muesel, the Yankees large and youthful outfielder and infielder, was the leading slugger with two home runs to his credit..  Del Pratt won the $50 gold watch, by knocking the first home run of the game.


The gift, which was presented by Ellis Duell, the North Centre St. jeweler, was the first of its kind won by Pratt and he seemed very happy because of it.


Jack Quinn, Pottsville’s old Atlantic League standby, pitched seven innings showing a variety of stuff that the Tigers could not hit.  He worked a change of pace with telling effect and had the old “Zip” on the fastball. Jack was given an ovation when he walked on the field everyone remembering him.  After the third inning he eased up.

Jim McGinley started on the mound for Cressona and got away with the first inning in one-two-three order, thanks to brilliant work by Krause.  Jim would have come through the second inning without being scored on had he not uncorked a wild pitch that allowed Muesel to score.


The third inning was McGinley’s undoing and he was pounded mercifully in this frame.  Ward, the first man up walked.


Pipp fanned, Pratt then drove the first homerun of the game, a long drive to left that splashed into the river. Muesel, not to be outdone drove a home run to the same place but only gained a look at the gold watch by doing so.  Lewis walked, Vick singled, Shawkey doubled, scoring Lewis and putting Vick on third.



Jack Quinn then made the longest hit of the day, a long home run over the score board, scoring Vick and Shawkey, Ward ended the agony, flying to Mauger.
Gallagher went into the box at the beginning of the fourth and got away with it in rather good style, allowing only five hits in six innings.  Only two runs were scored on Gallagher, they being successive homeruns by Muesel and Lewis in the seventh.
Cressona got three in the sixth, Kulp was safe on a tap to Ward.  McHugh flied to Shawkey.  Anderson was safe when Ward again failed to field a grounder.  Adams singled to right scoring Kulp and Shawkey made a wild return, allowing Anderson to score.  Sattizahn grounded out, but Troy singled scoring Adams.

Sattizahan had two doubles and single out of four times at bat, which gave him the highest batting average for the day.  In the ninth “Satty” led off with a hard double to left.  Troy was safe on Ward’s error and got down to second while Mauger was fanning.  Sterner, who was then sent in to bat for Gallagher, drove a solid single to right scoring Sattizahn and Troy.

“Kid” Krause, Cressona’s youthful and ambitious shortstop did brilliant work for the local team, accepting numerous difficult chances.  He seemed to be all over the field, nothing getting passed him.  It was his work that saved McGinley in the first inning.  In the sixth, he ran from shortstop to left field foul line to take a fly that was just out of Mauger’s reach.  It was some catch and was vigorously applauded.
Red McHugh didn’t have much chance to show his class, but did get down to first base like a deer.  "Red" was robed of a hit by Shawkey in the sixth.  McHugh ran far back in the second to take Quinn’s long fly with two on the bases.
The clean cut Yankee players were much admired by the crowd, who seemed to know all of them by name.


Truck Hannah the big catcher, handled four flies in an expert manner and impressed everyone by his throwing.


Bob Shawkey pitched the eight inning, getting the Tigers out in order, though he worked without effort. Muesel pitched the last inning.


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Shoeless Joe!

"I loved the game," Shoeless Joe Jackson went on.  "I’d have played for food money.  I’d have played free and worked for food money.  It was the game, the parks, the smells, the sounds.  Have you ever held a bat or baseball to your face?  The varnish the leather.  And it was the crowd, the excitement of them rising as one when the ball was hit deep.  The sound was like a chorus.  Then there was the chug-a-lug of the tin lizzies in the parking lots, and the hotels with their brass spittoons in the lobbies and brass beds in the rooms.  It makes me tingle all over like a kid on his way to his first double header, just to talk about it."

W.P. Kinsella, From Shoeless Joe